How to get in involved?

At Legion Capital our goal is to make a difference in people’s lives globally. By joining hands with Legion Capital, we want to make a difference in your life as well as those of others. You can get involved by purchasing a CUMULATIVE REDEEMABLE PREFERENCE SHARE (CRPS)

What is a CRPS?

A CUMULATIVE REDEEMABLE PREFERENCE SHARE is a combination of debt and equity, which offers the subscriber secure growth over a period of time.

How Legion Capital CPRS translates into wealth for you You are buying a share in the company at the ruling share price (R5,000 per share as at 1st May 2020), and you are entitled to dividends on an annual basis. The projected growth over 2 years is estimated to be 22% on your CRPS.

CRPS growth are based on the performance of the market and are not guaranteed.

There are no voting rights attached to CRPS.

The advantage of having a cumulative redeemable preference share:

  • CRPS shareholders have the benefit of receiving first dividend pay-out before ordinary shareholders.
  • Dividends that are not paid out in one year are carried over to the following year.
  • CRPS are redeemed at the price of strike date.
  • Subscribing in the CRPS is a lower risk compared to owning ordinary shares.
  • Share Certificate and Subscriber Contract issued upon purchase

You can choose to contribute a minimum of R20,000 as a lump sum in exchange for 4 CRPS as a lump sum, or you contribute a minimum of R5,000 monthly in exchange for 1 CRPS each month for a minimum of 24 months.

You can contribute more than the minimum amounts in multiples of R5,000. For each additional R5000 contributed, 1 CRPS is issued.